Geological Studies and Reservoir Engineering

team of geoscientists & Petroleum Engineers can assist a company in all aspects of exploration, development & production from the initial basin analysis, through play/lead identification/generation to prospect and risk analysis.

The scope of the services offered includes:

    1) Reservoir Characterization and Reservoir Simulation

  • Detailed 3D Reservoir characterization/modeling.
  • Black oil, gas, condensate & compositional models
  • Cartesian & Curvilinear gridded models.
  • Experimental design; uncertainty quantification.

    2) Field Studies & Field Review

  • Major field development plan.
  • Field depletion studies.
  • Field Geological review and updates.

    3) Geological Mapping and Geophysical Evaluation Projects

  • Major field mapping
  • Exploratory prospects evaluation.

    4) Reserves Estimation

  • Oil, Gas and Condensates reserves evaluation consistent with API & SEG reserves standard.

    5) Reservoir Engineering Services (Material Balance, PVT Data, Core Analysis, Decline Analysis)

  • Diverse reservoir engineering services
  • Gas Reservoir Engineering and Gas Projects Scoping
  • Well Testing Services and Well Test Analysis
  • Provision of Geological and Engineering Well-sitting services while drilling.

    6) Economic Evaluation of E & P Projects

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