Health, Safety and Environmental Management

The scope of our HSE & Community development services includes:

  • Safety Consulting and Advisory services
  • Risk Management and Process Safety Analysis
  • Equipment Supply and Materials Management
  • Safety Auditing
  • Training and Capacity Building/Competence Development

CRL provides management support and consulting services. The result of the engagement process is a range of recommendations and solutions to issues arising as a result of the client's business operations impact on the environment.

    Management services

  • Advice on Policy and Strategies
  • Liability and Risk Assessment
  • Development of EMS
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Training

Assessment and Advice in support of Projects & Development.

CRL is committed to helping its clients develop effective environmental management programs. We assist in identifying the impacts of our client's operation emissions/effluents and render appropriate support in developing measures to manage and control them.

    Emission Control Service

  • Air Monitoring and Dispersion Modeling
  • Effluent Management and Minimization
  • Effective Resource Utilization and Environmental/Energy Auditing
  • Training

    Advice on Emission, Air, Water and Waste Management

  • Waste management- Minimization, Recycling Technology and Planning
  • Waste & Waste water audit
  • Pollution Control Technology, Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Treatment and Disposal of Sewage and Hazardous Waste


Covenant Resources Limited (CRL) provides a full suite of analysis for physical, chemical, biological and microbiological parameters. More importantly, our team of field scientists has a wealth of first-hand knowledge of different environmental systems, processes and ecosystems

    Survey, Monitoring & Analysis

  • Assessment of Environmental Quality/Impact
  • Physical, Chemical & Biological Analysis
  • Environmental Effect Monitoring
  • Ecological and Baseline Studies

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