It is the policy of Covenant Resources Nigeria Limited to conduct business activities throughout Nigeria in such a way as to:

Consider first the health and safety of employees, contractors and all other third parties.
Minimize the impact on the environment in which we live in.
Ensure that health, safety and environmental matters have no less status than any other business objectives.

The health and safety goals of CRL are to eliminate accidents, injuries and preventable illness completely. Our environmental goal is to minimize temporary adverse effects and make no adverse long-term impact on the environment.

CRL is responsible for leadership of the HSE programmes and will seek by our policies and actions to communicate throughout the company, commitment to HSE, including provision of proper training, equipment and physical safeguards.

All managers and supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitude towards HSE, firstly in themselves and secondly in those whom they supervise. We recognize that continued ability to operate and be a profitable organization is dependent upon the ability to conduct safe, healthy and environmentally friendly operations.

Every CRL employee must plan and perform his or her day's work in accordance with the HSE policy. An activity must be suspended when the employee believes that it cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy and he or she must report this directly to their supervisor.

CRL will maintain a health, safety and environmental programme that conforms with best oil/gas industry practices.
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