Pre-Drilling Activities and Quality Control

team of geoscientists has extensive experience and offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Acreage Evaluation
  • Seismic QA/QC
  • Prospect Generation

    Acreage Evaluation

  • General assessment of sedimentary basins (Nigerian and other African regional basins)
  • Selection and procurement of relevant data.
  • Processing/ reprocessing, upgrading, interpretation and integration of data thus procured or otherwise available
  • Selection of prospect areas
  • Preparation and negotiation of acreage allocation agreements

    Seismic QA/QC

  • Organization/selection of designed field parameters and ensuring optimum data quality control
  • Monitoring of crew logistics plans
  • Enforcement of safety standards during operations
  • Bird dogging
  • Optimization of Cost Effectiveness
  • Ensuring adherence to Government & Local regulations and statutes
  • Ensuring harmonious relationship with the host communities.

    Prospect Generation

  • Identification of Regional and Local fault sequences in line with established geology
  • Identification of other lithologic features related to hydrocarbon accumulations
  • Development of objective subsurface structural patterns and integration with other identified features for definition of leads and subsequent recommendation for drilling prospects or otherwise determination of interest

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