Well Engineering and Drilling Support

team of geoscientists has extensive experience and offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Location preparation and Related Services
  • Drilling and Development of Water Boreholes
  • Tubular Goods and Chemical Supplies

    Complete Wellsite Geological Services

  • Collection, preparation and preservation of cuttings and cores.
  • Lithological evaluation and description of cuttings, sidewall cores and full diameter cores
  • Hydrocarbon evaluation of cuttings, sidewall cores and full diameter cores
  • Hydrocarbon evaluation with gas detection system
  • Mudlogging supervision and evaluation
  • Wireline logging supervision, evaluation and quality control
  • Wireline logging supervision, evaluation and quality control

    Geological Data Interpretation

Compilation of all wellsite geological data. Utilization of data from offset wells, seismic data etc to interpret and predict all geological features of and around the well. Deliverables include:

  • Well correlation
  • Stratigraphic interpretation and lithological prediction
  • Gas ratios and drilling data interpretation
  • Wireline logging interpretation
  • Wellsite composite log (using geo, wellsight, complog etc)
  • Report writing

    Drilling Operations Support

Compilation of all available geological data, both acquired and interpreted and making recommendations in agreement with the base geologist.

  • Coring points
  • Well section TD
  • Casing point
  • Target zones drilling control
  • Wireline logging interval
  • Testing zone and interval
  • Mud weight based on pore pressure
  • Providing inputs for final/completion well report
  • Participation in pre-spud meeting conducted by client.

    Drilling Operations Support

Preparation and transmission of all necessary reports to client base office as stipulated. These reports include:

  • Daily geological reports (morning and afternoon as may be prescribed by client).
  • Show report
  • End of each lithologic section summary report as required by the client
  • Coring operation report
  • Wireline logging operation summary report
  • Fluid sampling and pressure report
  • Quick look formation evaluation report after wireline logging
  • Final end-of-well report

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